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Grading and Accreditation in Education

Grading in Education Model has been developed based on the factors of Innovativeness, Applicability, Scalability, Sustainability and Social Impact at educational institutions. The model shall allow institutions to make a reliable benchmarking through grading with the similar national and international institutions in other districts, cities, and regions. The objective of the Ranking in Education Model to develop alternative development programs and reports for the development of institutions in addition to benchmarking them with similar national and international institutions. One of the main elements of a sound institutional development and change is the need for change.

Therefore, the model aims at grading the educational institutions in reference to objective and international criteria and creating awareness towards making them feel the need.


Education Technologies

The Association of Education for the Future (GED as the acronym) provides Research in education technologies, strategic development and consultancy services thus help to develop and implement sustainable models with outcomes suitable for evaluation.


Restructuring Education Systems

The requirement arise for education models increasing the administrative capacity, management and organization capacity, capacity of utilizing financial resources, monitoring-evaluation capacity of education systems, supporting the development of human resources.


Project Consultancy

The Association of Education for the Future provides Technical Support to national and international education organizations in Project Development and provides consultancy services towards implementation and management of the projects, based on the status of the organization involved in the project design process.