SESRİC-GED işbirliği; UNDP ve IICPSD desteği ile İslam İşbirliği Teşkilatı Üye Ülkelerine yönelik Mesleki Eğitimin Modernizasyonu Projesi ve meslek standartlarını oluşturmak amaçlı çalıştay Ankara’da yapıldı.

Milli Eğitim eski bakanı Sn Nimet Baş çalıştayın açılış konuşmasını yaptılar.

SESRIC organised a workshop on “Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) in OIC Member Countries: Needs and Capacity Assessment” in collaboration with the UNDP Istanbul International Centre for Private Sector in Development and the Association of Education for the Future (GED) in Ankara, Turkey on 09-11 May 2016.

The purpose of the workshop was to discuss the current situation of the technical and vocational education and training in OIC Member Countries, as well as challenges and problems faced by TVET institutions to provide necessary skills and competencies needed for the market. The workshop also developed proposals for improving the quality of TVET systems in line with the Sustainable Development Goals of 2030 Agenda.

The workshop brought together the top managers of TVET authorities from 22 OIC member countries, as well as OIC institutions, international organizations and universities. IDB, ISESCO, ITC UNCTAD, TOBB, ISMEK, Turkic Council, Islamic University in Uganda, Islamic University in Niger, Karatay University, Uludağ University, University of Turkish Aeronautical Association also attended the workshop.

The workshop mainly focussed on the following areas during the plenary and breakout sessions:

National qualification, accreditation, and certification framework,
Occupational standards and modular training programmes,
Vocational training and labour market.
After fruitful discussions during the breakout sessions, recommendations were adopted at the end of the workshop by institutions, where the representatives recommended developing working groups in different thematic areas with a view to enhancing cooperation within OIC region and implementing the agreed recommendations at the end of the workshop.