Project Management

The Association of Education for the Future conducts research, develops and prepares national and international projects in all fields related with education and provides Strategy Development and Consultancy Services in connection with them and develops and implements models with outcomes suitable for evaluation.

The Association of Education for the Future provides Technical Support to national and international education organizations in Project Development and provides consultancy services towards implementation and management of the projects in connection with

  • Project based collaboration,
  • Development of joint projects
  • Participation in joint projects

based on the status of the organization involved in the project design process.

Project Management and Implementation

It provides consultancy services in the management and implementation of the projects with professionals experienced in national and international platforms to conduct high budgeted projects.


The Association of Education for the Future is a platform for sharing information, experiences, models and analysis with the purpose of solving education problems of our day that are very important for people and building the education system of the future from today.