Education Technologies

The Association of Education for the Future (GED as the acronym) provides Research in education technologies, strategic development and consultancy services thus help to develop and implement sustainable models with outcomes suitable for evaluation.

GED evaluates the Adaptive Learning, Flipped Classroom, Gamification and Distance Learning activities in an integral manner and develops projects, offers solutions and draw road maps for educators to evaluate the education given with such infrastructures.

Adaptive Learning

This artificial intelligence based system adapts the learning contents automatically based on the learning styles and the current knowledge levels of students and assists students in building a sound knowledge structure by determining the deficiencies of students in the course studies and allowing them go back to the subjects that require support.

Flipped Classroom

Flipped Classroom is a model allowing student to have access to learning contents out of the school (via computer, tablet or mobile devices) and carrying the essential stage of “internalising the lesson” to the classroom upon learning the lesson outside the class. Thus teacher divides the classroom into groups based on the level of understanding and gains the ability of making them understand and internalize the lesson in full by answering the questions of these groups one by one.


Gamification in Education is about using the reward and competition elements of a game towards increasing the interest into the lesson and simplifying the cognitive process. It can be designed as a game layer built on a learning content, or the lesson itself can be converted into a game.

Distance Learning

This innovative learning model taking students and teachers out of the limits of time and space allow students who cannot attend classes due to illness, etc. to keep up with the classes and it ensures effective use of the education environment through models combining face to face education and distance learning. This model reduces the educational expenses substantially in the long-term.


The Association of Education for the Future is a platform for sharing information, experiences, models and analysis with the purpose of solving education problems of our day that are very important for people and building the education system of the future from today.