About Us

Education has always been a matter that is thought over seriously due to its effect on personal, social, cultural, political and economic spheres of life. Education that increased even more at our present day thus is taking the highest share from the budgets of the countries and is seen as the most effective resource of solutions against the problems faced by people.

Contributing to such a meaningful area like education due to these important and valuable aspects is one of the most important duties with respect to social responsibility. The Association of Education for the Future is a platform for sharing information, experiences, models and analysis with the purpose of solving education problems of our day that are very important for people and building the education system of the future from today.

On this platform; academicians, teachers, experts, public administrators and public officers who have been successful with their efforts on education will use their experiences towards the solution of national and global problems. Our Association adopted the mission of solving current problems and providing important contribution to the building of the future`s education in collaboration with such select participants.



Grading in Education Model shall allow institutions to make a reliable benchmarking through grading with the similar national and international institutions in other districts, cities, and regions.


GED evaluates the Adaptive Learning, Flipped Classroom, Gamification and Distance Learning activities in an integral manner and develops projects, offers solutions and draw road maps for educators to evaluate the education given with such infrastructures.